If you are an owner of a YouTube channel linked to a user account to Amara or an admin of a team that syncs subtitles to a YouTube channel, or to a Brightcove, or Kaltura account, you can check why some of your subtitles fail to sync to the video hosting provider and act on this information.

I. For owners of YouTube channels linked to individual user accounts on Amara.

  • Sign in to Amara with the use of the account that has the YouTube channel linked to it.
  • Hover the mouse on your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen. From the drop-down menu, select Account item to invoke Account tab in your user profile.
  • Under YouTube Sync header, click Check for Syncing Issues >>> link. 

  • This will invoke the following screen:

In this table, you can identify the videos and languages that have caused issues while syncing. The problem with syncing is described in Error column.

Most frequent errors:

 Error Cause   Solution


Connection between YouTube channel and user account on Amara is not configured properly. Usually happens if the YouTube channel has not been re-linked to Amara after the transition to YouTube API v3. Go back to Account tab. Disconnect the YouTube channel and connect it again.
quotaError YouTube received too many API calls from Amara over a short period of time and stopped listening for new updates from Amara. Wait for 20-30 minutes, then select the subtitle track in the table and click Resync Selected Items
unknownError The cause falls into none of specified classes of errors

Select the subtitle track in the table and click Resync Selected Items

Important: when you attempt to resync subtitles with the use of the above table, they are put into a low-priority queue, with a resync attempt made once in 5 minutes. This delay is introduced intentionally, to avoid YouTube quota issues when resyncing multiple subtitles at a time. Please be patient and keep in mind that resyncing does not happen instantly. If you need to resync a large amount of subtitles, it might be best to contact Amara support for assistance, rather than try to resync subtitles through this slow queue.

II. For admins of Amara teams that sync subtitles to external video hosting providers.


  • Open team Settings page:

  • Next, go to Integrations tab.
  • Click Check for Syncing Issues >>> link.
  • Check the errors and re-sync the subtitles as described above in p.I.