Amara is a collaborative platform, where friends and audience members can help you make video available in many different languages.

1) Pick some videos to promote

We recommend focusing on a handful of your most popular videos and work to really promote those.

Amara creates a unique page for each of your videos – this is where you should send your volunteers. If you need to find the unique video page, enter your video URL on the Subtitle a Video page and you'll be redirected to the correct place.

2) Ask for help on your social networks

Ask nicely for help!

    • Make a promotional video on your channel, explaining the translation project
    • Social media
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • Etc
    • Mailing lists
    • Friends and family

    Success Tip: Get creative and find opportunities where you can cross promote. Do you think any of the people starring in your videos would be excited about having these translated? Are there partner organizations who also care about your mission? What other communities might be interested in your content?

    3) Set up automatic syncing for YouTube (optional, for YouTube users only)

    If you are the account owner, set up automatic YouTube syncing to have the latest subtitles and languages on your YouTube videos at all times.

    4) Create your own captions, first (optional)


    If there are no original language captions on your video when you spread the word, anyone who wants to translate will need to wait for captions. We recommend you make your own captions so translators can immediately start working as soon as they follow the link.