The Subtitle Tools icon is located above the subtitles you are editing in the middle panel of the Amara Editor. Click the wrench icon to view the available actions in a drop-down menu.


Clear Text  

Erases all the text from the subtitles in the editing (middle) panel, without deleting subtitle entry cells or timing. You can only clear text from the version you are currently editing. Earlier versions of these subtitles will not be affected.  


Revert to Last Saved Version  

Discards all edits since the last time you saved your subtitle draft and loads the last saved version into the editor. This action is irreversible. When you confirm your choice to revert to the last saved version you cannot recover the edits you have discarded.  


Upload Subtitles  

Opens a pop-up window where you can select a subtitle file to upload. You can choose files in DFXP, SRT, SSA, SBV, TXT, or VTT format to upload into the Amara Editor. If you have any unsaved changes in the subtitle editor prior to uploading, those changes will be discarded and permanently lost.  


Hide / Show Warnings  

Hides or shows the red exclamation marks and related warning messages in subtitles that violate subtitling guidelines. Review subtitling guidelines (the maximum character number per line, subtitle duration, or reading speed) by clicking Subtitling Guidelines in the Keyboard Controls panel (top left) in the Amara Editor.  


Show Tutorial  

Shows the tutorial overlay which labels the important areas of the Amara Editor, including the subtitling guidelines, timeline, and submit button. Click anywhere on the page to close the tutorial.  

To learn more about the Amara Editor, click here.