If a subtitle set has been edited and saved multiple times, its revision history includes multiple entries.  In the interest of the system's performance, long revision histories are split into pages, ten versions per page.

Example: http://amara.org/en/videos/NmkV5cbiCqUU/en/16497/?tab=revisions

This may cause some inconvenience when you need to compare revisions that are displayed on different pages in the history, since you cannot select versions to be compared by checking boxes on different pages. However, you can note the IDs of the revisions you need to compare and enter into the address bar of your browser the URL of the diffing page for these revisions.

To do so:

1. On the pages of Revisions tab for a subtitle set, find the versions you wish to compare.

2. For each version, note its subtitle version ID. This ID is the last number in the URL of the subtitle version.

Example: on http://amara.org/en/videos/NmkV5cbiCqUU/en/16497/?page=last&tab=revisions, Revision 1 has URL http://amara.org/en/videos/NmkV5cbiCqUU/en/16497/9431/, so its ID is 9431.

3. Now you should have two numbers - the IDs of your revisions. In the address bar of your Web browser, enter the following URL:


where id_of_first_revision and id_of_second_revision are the numbers you have noted.

On opening this page, you'll see both revisions compared with each other.