The subtitle editor has two different modes - typing and syncing. In each mode, the layout of the editor is optimized for the task that is currently in progress.


In typing mode, the editor has features that allow you to subtitle without interruption. The timeline is hidden from the screen to create a cleaner area for you to create and edit subtitles. To create a new subtitle, press the ENTER key and enter the text into the new subtitle box.


In syncing mode, the central part of the screen is occupied by the timeline, leaving less space for subtitles. It is still possible to insert new subtitles in syncing mode, but this requires clicking a link and does not support continuous, effortless typing.


To speed up your subtitling and avoid clicking around the editor, click here to discover keyboard shortcuts.


The editor starts a new transcript in the typing mode and prompts you to switch to the syncing mode by clicking Yes, start syncing button in the progression panel:




Once you start syncing your subtitles, you can hide or show the timeline in the Timing Tools menu by clicking the clock icon:




To show the timeline, select Show Timeline item from the same menu:



You can hide and show the timeline as many times as needed.