A “Task” is any activity that needs to be completed in order for a subtitle to become published on a team. The types of tasks required for publishing varies among teams.


 For some teams, tasks are not available to be "selected", and the task bar will display a count of 0. In these teams, just pick a video and if you don't see your language subtitle, you can go ahead and add it. 


There are four different types of tasks:

  1. Transcription - For subtitles need to be made for a video in its original language.

  2. Translation - For translating a video from its original language, into a new language

  3. Review* -  Created so that another translator may proofread transcribed or translated subtitles before they are published.

  4. Approve* - Created after a Review task is submitted so that a manager may make any fine-tuning edits.

*Review and Approve tasks may not exist for all team configurations


How can I begin working on a task?


To find a task you can work on, visit a team page that has tasks enabled, join the team, and click the “Tasks” tab. To know if the team has tasks, look on the sidebar to the left, in the square with "tasks" there should be a number above 0 . You’re going to want to find an unassigned task, which means that no one else is working on it at the moment.


When you begin working on a task, it becomes “assigned” to you. The length of the assignment varies by team.



Okay, I've found tasks, but now how do I start working on one?


To begin working on a task, hover over the words, "Perform Task", and click on the words “Start Now” or "Resume" to work on the task.


Perform task dropdown with start now option next to a task on an old style amara team


What it looks like to perform an unassigned task.



Task Due Dates:

Once you accept a task, it will show a due date, which can vary by team. If a task becomes overdue it will become unassigned and someone else will be able to continue from where you left off.


Declining a Task:

If you are assigned to a task, it is possible to decline it, and allow others to continue where you left off. To decline a task on New Style teams, simply hover over the task, and click the "decline" link.  To decline a task on Old Style teams, go to "My Tasks" in the sidebar, hover your cursor over the task you wish to decline, and click the "Decline" button.




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