You can see in many languages! On the bottom of the page you find a dropdown list of languages available: 

Amara will also automatically try to detect your language via your OS or Browser settings. See how to change this here:

Be aware that the Amara website is translated by volunteers, so not every language has every part translated—you may see a mix of English and your language.
If you can help us translate Amara in your language, please have a look here (Amara was called Universal Subtitles in the past)

We use Transifex to translate the website, and our users are more than welcome to help adding translations or correcting current incorrect translations.
Please note that additions are not always instantly available.

You can also explicitly set the language via Amara's URL. If you want to view the site in English, just make sure to add the two letter language code (en = English) in the URL, like this:

Here's a list of language codes (use 639-1):