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Merge Amara accounts so there is one username per person

At the moment I have following usernames with Amara: gonadarian, gonadarian-ted, gonadarian-twitter, gonadarian-openid, gonadarian-facebook and gonadarian-coursera. I am used to having a single profile - a single username and an accout - and authenticating it with multiple identity providers, e.g. google, ted, coursera, twitter, facebook, openid, ...

Amara now opens a separate account/profile/username for each identity provider. Only exception, and correct approach, is Google authentication which works together with Amara's base identity. I understand that e.g. TED requires TED authentication in order to approve new translator, but this can be implemented differently, so one person would have a single "presence" on Amara portal.

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I second this idea (I was about to submit a ticket asking amara to merge my accounts)

Additional problem in the same category I described in Forum just now. In some cases, upon log in using Google account authentication mechanism, a new account is created?! Instead of getting me to my gonadarian account, it created gonadarian8 with same Google account in the background! Don't know how's that even possible...

Can you confirm this issue and if so, when will it be addressed?

join the rest in this requirement it is quite annoying to have multiple users on my name - it also gets me getting emails regarding changes that I made to a subtitle work - because I did it with a different user of mine.


Hi, Igor, Dario and Elad,

In the "Solutions" section of this help, there is a How do I delete an account?  resource, marked "Modified on: Mon, May 27, 2013 at 10:46 PM",  which says:

"If you discovered you have two Amara accounts and only wish to keep one, it is easy to remove the redundant account: 
  1. Sign in to the account you wish to delete.
  2. Go to  Profile
  3. Click on Edit Profile
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, click on the red button for Permanently Delete Your Profile. 
  5. Click OK on the confirmation dialogue.
If you had done any translation work using the deleted account, it will show up as performed by "retired user", but it will not be removed from Amara."

One more thing: the "retired user" profile replacing the one you deleted will still indicate your original user name.
For instance,  BD CORE deleted his Amara profile, but e.g. the Activity  subpage of the Coronado - Awake: The Discovery  page now says: "Retired user added “► Coronado - Awake: The Discovery” to Amara" and the link on "Retired user"  still leads to his profile  , which says, under About: "Retired user (BDCORE) joined Amara on Feb. 23, 2013"

Therefore it's not quite as if all the activity you did on Amara with a given profile gets completely anonymised if you delete this profile.
So if you think this How do I delete an account? method is satisfactory, you could try it.

(Cross-linking: there is a related forum topic: Asking For Email Verification - Again? , with replies from Amara Staff Jules Rincón and Dean Jansen. And Dean wrote: "we've got a fix for this that's on its way to production. I'm not sure we'll have an easy way to merge existing accounts back together, unfortunately – but if you'd like us to delete the account and reset, we'll be able to do that.")


I am having the same problem here. I had an account (logged in with my facebook) and in order to contribute to TED, the system asked me to add a new account..

So.. if I delete the second account of mine, the one that I have already videos translated there, what will happen to those translations, will they disappear from the videos?

Hi Sky Feather,

When an account is deleted, the translations formerly made using this account remain, but they are labeled as "by retired user". However, do you really need to delete the "non-TED" account (if that's what you mean by "the second account of mine")? It seems a pity to have the work you've done anonymized this way. You could just keep it "dormant" as it were,  and mainly use the TED account.



Thanks Claude,

In that case I won't delete my non-TED account but.. Amara makes it difficult for the users in this way.. (not being able to merge the two accounts in one).

Edit: Oh and the synced videos from my YouTube channel, stayed visible (synced) only at my non-TED account.. one more reason that this is in fact a problem. :/

Hi again, Sky Feather

Actually, it's not Amara making things difficult in this case (there have been other instances of duplicate accounts created when someone thought they could sign in with the gmail address they used to create an Amara ID, instead of the Amara user name, and that's a real problem). It is that a TED account does more than let you subtitle videos on Amara, it also feeds your page, and adds your name as a translator or reviewer to the transcripts of the videos on

So say someone started by creating a TED account on Amara, they could also subtitle other, non-TED videos with that account. But if you start by creating a general Amara account, then you need to create a TED one in order to subtitle TED videos and have these things added on

Re your edit: could you give the URL of an Amara video page where this happens, please? Because normally, it shouldn't.

I see now the connection with TED. Still it is inconvenient if you would ask me. Anyway, I'll stick with this, perhaps something will change in the near future.

About the sync issue, it's with all of my videos. My videos from my YouTube channel appear *only* in my non-TED account. Whenever I tried to connect accounts --while on the TED-amara account-- I got a message in red that the YouTube page is already linked, but no videos appear on my TED-amara account.

Thanks again,


Oh I see, you mean the syncing of a YouTube account with Amara! Sorry, I thought you meant the syncing of the subtitles within the videos.

Then that's normal, Sky Feather: when you do that YouTube-Amara syncing from one Amara ID, the synced videos only appear in that ID's account.

That's because the software cannot tell that a same human is the owner of the two digital IDs. Well, it could tell that both ID's are used from the same IP address, i.e. probably from the same computer. But the last part of IP addresses changes over time, unless you have your own server. And then two relatives might be using the same computer to do different things.

It is perhaps a little inconvenient, but imagine if the Amara software could identify the humans that use accounts? Brrrr.



It is perhaps a little inconvenient, but imagine if the Amara software could identify the humans that use accounts? Brrrr. "

In due time.. :))

Thanks for your replies!


After 5 years, this is still an issue... It's so easy to check if an e-mail address is already in use in some account and then link this new login with the old account (making a second authentication with the old account). So many sites works this way...

At some point it would be great if Amara understands how annoying this is for the users and fix this, creating some tool for us to merge accounts and to let us to have one account with multiple login methods (Google, Facebook, TED, whatever).

Discussion between Itamar C and me continues in I seem to have 2 accounts, how to merge them? 

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