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Asking For Email Verification - Again?

My account has just asked for email verification again and added a "2" to the end of my username in the email. Anyone else had this?

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I've never received anything like that from Amara, and it sounds suspiciously like a phishing attempt, if you don't actually have a second account with a "2" in the username.

Check first if you can log in normally at If yes, ignore that request. If no, paste it in this thread, but without your own e-mail address, for examination by someone from Amara. In any case, don't reply to the request or fill any form it links to before someone from Amara has examined it.
Thanks Claude,

Well I logged in to Amara and it asked my to verify my email address, I clicked the link and emailed me. I noticed the "2" at the end of the username so decided not to click it. The forums went down at the same time, perhaps a system hiccup then? : )
Hi Bruce, this sounds peculiar. Could you please give me your username so I can look into this?
Sorry for the delay could not reply to this topic, user name is whatdoesthatdo. To help you I did notice that the error only happened in Chrome. I wonder if something had gone wrong with a cookie or Google login?
Hi Jules,

I have more information for you. I think I have narrowed the problem down, if you log in to using Google Sign-In and then log in to it appears creates a new account with a number appended to your user name and asks for email confirmation. Hope this helps?



I have the same problem. I tried to delete the mlazowik2 account, then mlazowik3 was created...

edit: Of course using Google login

I have the same issue. I have an account under username gonadarian for some time now. It was created and used with Google account authentication. Just now I created a translation while not being logged into the system - my bad. Upon attempting to confirm the completed translation, I was offered an option to log in - great thing. I used the standard Google authentication method, but instead of using my existing gonadarian account it created a new one named gonadarian8 - very bad!

This is really frustrating! Having multiple Amara accounts authorized by a single Google account?! Please look into this and fix the issue. I would also like you to merge this new account into my old one if possible? Following are some links describing the issue:

Hi all, we've got a fix for this that's on its way to production. I'm not sure we'll have an easy way to merge existing accounts back together, unfortunately – but if you'd like us to delete the account and reset, we'll be able to do that.



 Dean, could you rename this thread something more obvious, like "Duplicate accounts created by Google login"? I just got a message from an upset friend who thought her Amara former activities (since 2011) had been wiped out after she'd logged in  with Google and been landed on a new account.

I mean it's awkward enough to have to create a second account when you join the TED team, but there at least, it makes  sense, because the TED account is also used for attributing your subs to you on There is no need at all for that login via Google - and other web apps.

Have you checked what happens with twitter, facebook, OpenID logins? I won't, because I'm not giving any web app, not even Amara, the kind of authorization that this would require. And least of all, for a login via Coursera, where the access requirements still speak of "Universal Subtitles", and where there is none of the attribution offered by TED.

If you can delete the mlazowik3 account so I can log back into mlazowik it will be great. I suspected that it wouldn't be easy to merge accounts, so I haven't done anyhing on the mlazowik3 account.

If after deleting the mlazowik3 account I won't be able to log in to mlazowik account, then please delete both of them. I'll register again.

I have the same problem. To edit subtitles i have to re-verify my e-mail, but Amara doesn't send a verification link. Tried several times over several days.

Thank you for reporting this, abcc. Unfortunately, I am unable to help you. Please create a ticket where you'll describe the problem again. The ticket will go to Amara's tech staff who will be able to assist you.



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