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Removing subtitles or videos

Updated August 15th, 2018

Please note that the removal of a video page or a subtitle set does not remove from your profile the entries about your having created/edited them.

Removing subtitles:
If you are the sole author of a subtitle set and if no other subtitles

have been translated from it, you can request its removal  

  •  in a reply to this topic if the video has not been added to any team, or
  •  if it has been added to a team, in a message to that team's admins.

When submitting the request, please

  1. Label as Remove Subtitles and language
  2. URL for the subtitle set's  page in Amara (it looks like this: )
  3. Your Username
  4. Reason for taking down the subtitle set.

Removing videos:

If you have added a video to Amara by mistake and if its removal would not affect any subtitling work done by others, you can create a ticket via to request its removal:

  1. Label as Remove Video
  2. URL for the video's location in Amara (It looks like this:
  3. Your Username
  4. Reason for taking down the video

Copyright-motivated removal requests:
If you are the copyright owner of the video, please note that does not host any videos, we simply list and embed them for subtitling purposes.  Removing a video from will not remove the video from wherever it is hosted.  If you need the Amara video listing and subtitles removed for copyright reasons, please submit a request at 

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Thank you for your request, Virginia Gy-Psy Dancer.

I have deleted the Amara English subtitles and redownloaded the automatic subtitles from YouTube, which I am attaching here: you should be able to download them from here and reupload them to the Amara page.

I used Downsub to do the download. I've never had issues with it, but if you are wary of for free apps: when you copy the transcript without time codes from YouTube and paste them unto a simple text file, please remember to:

  1. encode the file as UTF-8
  2. insert a blank line between the subtitles

If you don't do 1, you might get weird things instead of accented letters or apostrophes.

If you don't do 2, you get the whole transcript as a huge first subtitle.




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1. Kindly remove this video.


3. Maurice Francis

4. I tried practicing the Amara subtitling editor and need this video to be removed.

Thank you!

Thank you for your request, Maurice Francis Buendia.

Unfortunately, I can only remove subtitles, not videos. Could you please create a ticket, using the form in It will go to Amara's tech staff who can remove videos.

Please add that only you added the video and started subtitles (a video can't be removed if others have already worked on it). You could also add that the uploader of the original video has already enabled the YouTube community subtitling, so that having the video on Amara could lead to confusion, with people making subtitles in both places.



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