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Removing subtitles or videos

Updated August 15th, 2018

Please note that the removal of a video page or a subtitle set does not remove from your profile the entries about your having created/edited them.

Removing subtitles:
If you are the sole author of a subtitle set and if no other subtitles

have been translated from it, you can request its removal  

  •  in a reply to this topic if the video has not been added to any team, or
  •  if it has been added to a team, in a message to that team's admins.

When submitting the request, please

  1. Label as Remove Subtitles and language
  2. URL for the subtitle set's  page in Amara (it looks like this: )
  3. Your Username
  4. Reason for taking down the subtitle set.

Removing videos:

If you have added a video to Amara by mistake and if its removal would not affect any subtitling work done by others, you can create a ticket via to request its removal:

  1. Label as Remove Video
  2. URL for the video's location in Amara (It looks like this:
  3. Your Username
  4. Reason for taking down the video

Copyright-motivated removal requests:
If you are the copyright owner of the video, please note that does not host any videos, we simply list and embed them for subtitling purposes.  Removing a video from will not remove the video from wherever it is hosted.  If you need the Amara video listing and subtitles removed for copyright reasons, please submit a request at 

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@ esperantisto: I have removed your Croatian subtitles. However I am not sure that they were creating the issue: before I removed them, I would have been technically able to create translated subs from your Esperanto ones. So if the issue persists for you, please add a new reply to this topic.


 Hi esperantisto,

I see you've managed to redo the Croatian subtitles after I deleted them. Still, the issue you initially had is puzzling: before the deletion, I would have been able to make subs in other languages from Esperanto, technically (but I don't know esperanto). Did you perhaps have a problem saving your first set of Croatian subtitles? Apparently, when that happens, the software suggests to resume the task the following time.

Yes, I managed to do what I wanted, thank you :)

here is what happened in detail:

I came to amara for the first time and wanted to experiment. I chose that video. I clicked "create subtitles". It asked me what the original language was, I said Esperanto. I asked what language I would like to create the subtitles for - Croatian. So I started translating in Croatian (only by the sound). Later I understood it would be easier to first write everything in Esperanto and then translate. So I created subtitles in Esperanto. Then, I wanted to go back to my partially finished Croatian subtitles and continue translating from Esperanto. It wasn't possible. I tried creating new subtitles (again in Croatian), hoping that would solve the problem. It didn't, it reopened the already existing subtitles. I tried translating from Esperanto to other languages and it went smoothly. So I decided it would be easier to just erase the subtitles and start all over again. I was :)


I need to delete this video:

Take down because we have replaced that video on YouTube (due to an error) and it is no longer there

I downloaded and uploaded to new video all subtitles. I don't want folks to get confused!

Hi, Jennifer Brea

Can you create a ticket for this video deletion request, please? I can only delete subtitles.

Also, before creating such a ticket, could you please contact all the people who have collaborated in the subtitles presently appearing in, and let them know the URL of the new page where you have reuploaded them? Links to their profiles appear in the complete activity list for the video page you want deleted.

Thank you!



1. Delete my English subtitle


3. neyugn_walker

4. This English subtitle I copy from the original video on youtube but a better one is made by our volunteers here. And this caption appears all the time as a background of any subtitles so it's quite a nuisance.

Also, the original language of this video is ENGLISH. When I uploaded the Vietnamese translation, to my surprise, it automatically became the original language. Can you help to change the original language to English?

Thank you.

An N.H.

 Hi,  AN Nguyen Hoang,

Thank you for your message. In reverse order:

The change of the video's language triggered by your upload of Vietnamese subtitles is odd indeed: I'll make a ticket about it.


As to your request to delete the English subtitles: if I did, what would get deleted is the present version of the Amara English subtitles as edited by you, then me, then Christopher: the one you yourself call "a better one", that appear with a black background and that can be used for translating the subtitles into further languages by other volunteers via the "Create a new translation! " link under Contribute in the main Amara video page.  So I won't delete these Amara English subtitles: if you don't want to see them, you can choose "Subtitles Off" in the droplist below the player.

But perhaps what you want deleted is the grayish subtitles without background that appear both in the YouTube page and in the Amara player? These can't be deleted, because they are "Open Captions", i.e. burned within the video itself.  And these are not the ones you uploaded in your first revision of the Amara English subtitles. The ones you uploaded in that first revision are YouTube's automatic captions, produced by voice recognition software, that can be copied by activating the Transcript icon below the player in the original YouTube video.

It's a bit difficult to explain these three types of captions verbally - let alone understand their verbal explanation, so I'm attaching three annotated screenshots:

  • various_captions_1_YouTube.jpg shows the original YT video with the grayish Open Captions and, in red between multiple parentheses, the automatic captions you uploaded in your first revision of the Amara subtitles.
  • various_captions_2_Amara.jpg shows the video in the Amara player with the grayish Open Captions and, on a black background, the present Amara English subtitles
  • various_captions_3_Amara_YouTube.jpg
    shows the video in the Amara player with the grayish Open Captions and, on a black background, the present Amara English subtitles, and in red between multiple parenteses, the YouTube automatic captions.

Thank you Claude Almansi for your detailed answer. It has cleared some of the cloud of the technical confusions in my head.

- The sub I want to delete is the GREY one. I didnt quite understand the difference between TRANSCRIPT and SUBTITLE and what I did was to copy the transcript on Youtube and pasted it on a .txt file then uploaded it to the video. That automatic transcript didnt come with the video when I first added the video to Amara. That is why I thought that by removing the sub I uploaded we can get rid of the  Grey Sub/Transcript. I seem to be the culprit that caused the Grey problem. :)

- Thank you for sending the ticket regarding the Original Language. 

Hi An,

Thanks for your last reply.

1. Re YouTube's transcripts and subtitles: the YT transcripts like the one you copied are produced by the corresponding closed captions. In the case of Signs for a Good Education, the only available transcript is the one produced by YT's automatic captions, in turn produced by voice recognition, and hence - for the time being - usually too inaccurate for human consumption, though sometimes accurate enough for editing into consumable shape. And they are continuously improving.

2. You didn't cause the grey subtitles and they cannot be removed, because they are Open Caption subtitles burnt within the video, as the bigger white ones without black background  in the What is it like to be Deaf? video, which you mentioned in our e-mail exchange.

So in both cases, the "culprits" are the authors of the videos who used open captions that cannot be switched off instead of closed captions that can be switched off. However, both videos are signed, so there is a good reason for burning in open captions, where you can determine exactly where each caption shows up so that it doesn't interfere with viewing what is being signed, whereas you can't do that placement fine-tuning with closed captions shown in simple web players like YouTube's (or Amara's).

Nevertheless, I was thnking of contacting Human Rights Watch (the authors of Signs for a Good Education) to ask if they'd be willing to add an unsubtitled version of the video to YouTube, to which they could add the various closed captions subtitles made with Amara: even though they might interfere with the signing, they could be switched off by signers.

1. Remove Subtitles and language


3. mygpablo

4. Somebody kindly added a phrase in the original language, which is English; I added it in Spanish, but it has not been displayed; I have tried different ways to make it up, but no success, so the only only option I think now is start from zero, maybe later I will have to do it in chinese. So, kindly ask you to remove them

Hi  Pablo MyG,

As has been added to the Volunteer team, please ask some admin or owner of this team to remove the subtitles: I can only do it for videos that are not added to any team, or are added to a team where I'm admin.

However, before you do that, try to use the new editor if you haven't yet done so: it should show both the English and Spanish subtitles.




Thank you very much Claude Almansi! Its beautiful now!

Remove Subtitles spanish

Uploaded the wrong subtitle file

Thanks in advance

Hi Nestor,

I've removed your Spanish subtitles.




Thanks Claude

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