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Representing each volunteer's work

Towards the end of the Oct 23 Towhnhall, Dean Jansen said:

"And I think there are probably a lot of things that we didn't discuss today and that have to do with how do we ‑ how do we best represent what volunteers have done, how do we show, you know, here is a set of captions done primarily by this user but also this user helped. And that's a really big question and a really big thing we have started to think about but is so huge that we want to make sure that we have the communities' voice and support and sort of heart in as we move forward on it.
So, that's another big thing and maybe that's a topic for the next town hall meeting."

Now a very simple step towards that would be to suppress the mention of the last subtitler in the subtitles-generated transcripts, possibly referring users to the list of revisions instead (in case they don't think of that themselves). That list gives the names of all subtitlers, and indicates the proportion of work they've done.

There was no such mention when Amara was Universal Subtitles, and it is an absurdity: Amara's subtitling works and is built on the same collaborative principle as Wikipedia - can you imagine Wikipedia banging the name of the last editor on each article? Wouldn't it be darned ludicrous?

And this mention has perverse effects: it makes some people feel very proprietary about the subtitling they've done. And as a result, vice-versa, other people don't dare modify subtitles mainly done by someone else, because that would bang their (the modifier's) name on the subs, and they fear that maybe the main subtitler would mind.

True, that absurd situation also has a silver lining: when something really should be modified, you message the main subtitler with the modification suggestion, and this way you sometimes get to interact together more personally than just by co-subtitling. But often, you get no feedback, and anyway, having to message someone instead of just making the needed change ill fits Amara's claim to be "The easiest way to caption and translate any video".

OK: now I'm done with ideas arising from the Oct 23 Townhall - others' turn :)

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PS Recent example of the absurdity described above: the Amara page was initially titled "Accessible Stupid Ways to Die" by Michael Lockrey, meaning, as the YT title later clarified, "accessible version of the video....". But in the Italian subs by Isabella Piras, this former Amara title was rendered as "Modi stupidi per morire, fattibili", i.e. "Doable stupid ways to die," which is quite different.

Due to the nature of Amara messaging, I had to write separately to each to point out the ambiguity of the English title. Michael changed the English title to "Dumb Ways to Die", but Isabella apparently didn't get my message. Now I could re-translate the title myself, but I don't want to, because writing just 4 words would bang my name on the whole beautiful subs made by Isabella. and that would be unfair.

Previously, when no name appeared on the subtitles, this issue wouldn't have arisen: folks interested in seeing who had done what in a set of subs would just check the history of revision and see which revisions were important contributions and which were just minor edits.

 See also, in Misgivings about the "Sync subtitles" feature (Account page) , the parts - in various comments - concerning proper attribution when Amara subs are automatically synced to the YouTube original, and the ambiguity resulting from the difference between such syncing when done by individuals and when done by customers who pay for an enterprise Amara team.

Also, in the YT original version  of "Project Glass: Live Demo At Google I/O" - a video added to the Google team - the  subs made by Amara volunteers that are synced to this original each have a label listing the (main) subtitlers. Why can't that modality be applied to all enterprise teams that sync to a YouTube channel?

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