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Interactive transcripts

During the Oct 23, 2012 Townhall, dmulvany wrote in the comments of its YT streaming:

"Has there been any thought to providing interactive transcripts?"

then further explained interactive transcripts as:

"when you click on a phrase, it brings you to the subtitles in the video. uses them."

And Dean Jansen replied

"Yes, has an example of that: in fact, we have been working on this. (...) we do have a sample of that, an interactive transcript player where you're basically watching the video and you see the transcripts in a sort of a text box below the video. You can scroll down it and click on the word and the video will jump to that word and start playing immediately. You can search through and look for key phrases. We do have something like that that is just coming out of the lab. So, maybe in the forum we can post a link to it."

(English subtitles, 54:09 – 55:06)

Can we have that link, please? It would be interesting to see if Amara's interactive transcript works with a screen reader: according to a blind friend,'s doesn't.

Actually, the present transcripts in the subpages of subtitle sets are interactive, though a bit more roughly: clicking on the time codes of a given subtitle will start the video at that subtitle. However, according to the same friend, his screen reader doesn't identify the javascript links on the time codes.

So is there a way to make these interactive links readable with screen readers used by blind people?

[updated to add the year to the date of the townhall]

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