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Help Needed: Turning this CART transcript into a Transcript for the video (and then into subtitles)

Thanks To Jason Bradley from, we have a CART transcript in Rich Text Format from the Amara Townhall. Who can help us add this transcript to the video? 

URL for the video in Amara is

RTF file is attached. Thank you for your help with this!

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Hi Jules,

Thanks for the Town Hall yesterday.

You could try to have the transcript automatically sync'd by YouTube, then download the thus produced subs and upload them to an Amara page for the video, where we'll edit the subs.

However, the transcript starts several minutes after the recorded video [update: the transcript starts at 0:12:18 ca of the video], so YT's automatic sync'ing might not work properly. If it makes a real mess, let us know, and we'll just prepare a line-separated transcript and upload that to the Amara page, then sync it (and complete it) there.

Also: in order to try the YT sync'ing, first re-save the transcript as an UTF-8 encoded .txt file. If you use the .rtf file as it is, you are likely to get heaps of rubbish code in the YT produced subs, as in (revisions 0 and 1).

Alternative: edit the video to make it start where the transcript does, upload the edited version to YT, use the YT autosync to produce rough subs from the transcript,  and make an Amara page for this revised YT video, where we'll edit the rough subs that should get automatically transfered.



Update: no reply after 10 hours, hence I take it the YT sync'ing did not work. So I'll upload the sliced-into-sub-lengths transcript in, and then we can transcribe the first 12 minutes with the widget, check the CART text and sync the lot.
Up-update: the transcript - in - now covers the whole video, but should be checked while sync'ing - and I'm going to bed :D
I've now sync'd the English subs up to 0:16:31, i.e. including the beginning of the CART-based subs. The effect is rather bizarre, because the CART appearing in the video itself is perforce one sentence late in respect to the audio, on which I sync'd the CC subs. That was OK while watching the Town Hall live: you saw one thing, you heard another. But when both things are written texts, it becomes a bit disturbing, visually.

What about redoing a video, where in the part covered by CART, you'd replace the visual part with Dean's slides?
Hello Claude, thank you so much for helping us do this! 

I think that the main value in the subtitles will be to have them for those who don't understand English, the subtitles would prove to be quite redundant for English speakers watching the video!

On the syncing, I am not sure which would be a better experience for users seeing the video with language subtitles... I could imagine that for hearing users, the subtitles would make more sense if they are synced to the audio, even if we can't really see Dean's face that well, but for the DHH community or those who don't rely on audio, perhaps we should sync the subtitles to the text on screen.  So in this case, I think we will defer to your decision: sync it to what makes most sense to you!

Hi Jules,

I agree with you about the CC subs being useful to people who don't know English, once they'll get translated.  I'll go on sync'ing with the audio, then: Deaf and Hard of Hearing people can turn them off once the in-video CART starts, if they find them disturbing. This way they'll have the same experience as if they had been attending the Town Hall live.

Besides, sync'ing with the in-video CART might be tricky in the passages where the CART has to be completed to fully render the audio. I mean, the CART was superb, but it's impossible to type absolutely everything in real time - whereas that's what one should do in "a posteriori" CC subs.
OK, the English subs are more or less done. There are still some passages I didn't get and marked "inaudible" or "(?)" or "(sp?)" - could you check them, Jules and Dean?
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