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Where are my translations?

Sorry but I translated two videos and can't seem to access the CC from ted nor youtube, wondering why I'm doing it...
thank you

Hello Funique. 

If you translated the subtitles on Amara you should be able to see the activity when you click on Dashboard. You can find this option under your name in the top right corner of the page. If you can find them on Amara but not on TED or YouTube it might be that they haven't been approved yet. 

Hope this helps!

Hello, please I have amost the same problem. I translated this video into Romanian yesterday and now it does not show in my dashboard. I want to revise it..where is it?? It says that the video has already two revisions, which is true because I revised it twice but the subtitle is not there. It says This language contains subtitles that are still waiting to be moderated. Check back later. 

Hi Soare Oana Elena,

The link to the video in your comment looked like a youtube URL but lead to an Amara page, so I took the liberty to replace it with one where the Amara page is showing too.

As you have made two more revisions of the Romanian subtitles today, you seem to have found the solution by yourself, but for others who might encounter the same issue:

This is a TED video, and the TED team uses tasks: translating, reviewing, approving. So when you pick one of the translating tasks, save and exit after a while, when you want to further edit your translation, you must
  • make sure that you are signed-in with your TED Amara ID (and not you general Amara ID)
  • go to your translating task and choose "resume task" in the droplist on the right.

 And on how to find your translation task, see the Where can I find my current talk assignments? resource in the specific support for the TED team,



I translated and submitted the video "why we feel what we feel" ( It has not been reviewed or approved, and I couldn't find it on Amara. I want to know whether or not it disappears.


According to, your Arabic subtitles still need review and approval. Don't worry, they will not disappear but this further work may take some more tme: reviewers and approvers are volunteers too. 




How do I know if my subtitles were approved? 

Thank you!


Thank you for your question, Elenacriselenacris.

When you make subtitles for a video that has been added to a team that uses tasks, you can:

  • sign in to Amara with the ID you use for that team
  • use the Activity tab of your profile to find the subtitles you made
  • open that subtitle page: if your subtitles have been approved, it will say so and there will be a green dot next to them.

If the page says your subtitles are still waiting for reviewing/approval, you can check the tasks for that video to see if someone else is already working on reviewing or approving them.

I hope this helps


Claude Almansi

Hai, I wonder who gets the task of approving videos? And how long does it usually take for a video to be approved?

Thank you for your questions, Ave Rose.

Usually, when a video has been added to a team that has tasks, subtitles are approved by a manager for the relevant language. How long it takes can vary: in volunteers' teams, reviewers and approvers are volunteers too, so it can sometimes take quite a while. In OnDemand (paying) teams, it's usually faster, depending on the customer's deadline.



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