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"(in progress)" ghost subtitles

In my reply to Yuri Araujo's Editing a Draft , I mentioned the "English (in progress)" link in the Joshua Foer: Feats of memory anyone can do video, and the fact that this "(in progress)" link leads to a page where the subtitles can't be edited: see attachment.
In the Pay it forward ISL אני ואתה - תעביר את זה הלאה בשפת הסימנים video, the same thing occurs with Hebrew (in progress).
In both cases - and in other similar ones - people started subtitling the video in another language than the original one. So it seems that mentioning the original language of the video in the dialog for creating a page for subtitling it in other languages, automatically triggers the creation of these uneditable ghost "(in progress)" pages for the original language subtitles.
This is probably intended as a place marker for the original language, but for practical purposes, it is counter-productive to have a page people can't edit. So could this feature either be altogether abandoned, or at least, could that page be made editable?
Starting with subtitles in another language happens perhaps more frequently with the videos of the Music Captioning team (which is the case of my 2nd example), because there are many musical videos that already have open captions (inserted within the video) for the original language: it therefore does not make sense, at least at first, to redo them in closed captioning with the Amara widget.

Other set of ghost "(in progress)" subtitles: French (in progress) in Lady Gaga - Paparazzi.
and a further set of ghost subtitles: English (in progress) in Trapped in Technology - Pilot . With the mention: "Draft only Showing Revision 0, created Today by Claude Almansi ."

It's the result of team task assigning:  indeed the video was added to the Music Captioning team where I am an admin, but the team has not enabled workflows, so this should not have happened automatically, and I certainly did NOT assign a task to this video (see the "Save and exit" blocks access to subtitles in progress? and Access issues in hierarchically workflowed teams discussions I started in the old Amara tenderapp forum) .

Nevetheless, a task was assigned to this video: I removed it, but this ghost link for the subtitles remains, with the unclickable grayed "Edit Subtitles" link, and the Draft mention.

There have been other issues with Music Captioning today: participants (members, managers, admins) can't access or they get an error-reporting form instead of the pages. But if you're signed out, you can access them.

And actually, another video of the team had this ghost subtitles issue too: Caravan Of Love ( Cover).MPG. Ther too, removing the task was not enough. To get rid of it, I had to remove the video from the team - I  re-added it once the task was gone. I could do the same with this video, but I want to leave the evidence for you.

What about allowing team admins to completely disable tasks, not only workflows, please?

Further subtitles blocked apparently by automatic task assignment:

Blocked English subtitles by Chrhunt:

Blocked English subtitles by  Rsr68:

All 4 videos are added to the Music Captioning Team where they have a task assigned to them, apparently automatically by the Amara software, in spite of the fact that neither Chrhunt  nor Rsr68 are members of the team, and that the team "workflows" settings do not foresee automatic task assignment.

Please delete these tasks, and prevent further task assignment from happening in this team.
Hi, I have the SAME problem and it is quite frustrating. It does not happen to me with the 'Niños incómodos' video, whose subtitles can be edited, no problem. I would really appreciate if the team can do something to enable me, the author of the subtitles, to amend and continue my own work, which at the moment is a rough draft. Or else then delete my name from it.
Thanks in advance (see attachment, Edit button is grey). LmS
Thanks, Laura: I was beginning to feel like "the voice of the gal yelling in the desert" in this thread.
But this is telling about the issue at hand: I noticed the problem and guessed its cause, because the Music Captioning team had similar paralyzing tasks at first, but at least they were caused by the settings then. So the owner changed the settings, which solved the issue, and made me admin, which enabled me to see the settings.
Therefore when the paralyzing tasks started again ca June 6, I knew that nothing in the settings caused them this time. Without being an admin and without that previous experience, I'd just have been too generally baffled to know how to ask, probably. And this may well have been the case for most people who suddenly saw further editing of their work blocked, with a banner about a draft banged on top - if they are member of the relevant team. If they are not, they see neither the banner nor their subs, just the disabled Edit Subtitles link and a message saying "This language contains subtitles that are still waiting to be moderated. Check back later."
Amara is now finally working on the issue, according to darren.bridenbeck. Let's hope they solve it soon. Meanwhile they should:
  • make a blog post about it, with link to it appearing on top of all Amara pages, because the issue also affects Amara users who are not members of any team, but are working on subs for a video that has been added to a team;
  • make the settings of all teams viewable by all instead of only by admins: this way, people could see if workflowed tasks is something a team has chosen or an Amara glitch. Anyway, before people join a team, they must know what they'll be in for if they do.


The same problem for me with video:

Hi Katrina,

Yours is a different problem. As I wrote in Don't want Amara-imposed "Draft status" blocks? Lie to the software., there are also legitimate, human-decided and human-assigned tasks in some teams. And these must be respected.

This is the case with the video you linked to, which is added to the TED team. Only members of the TED team can caption the team's videos, and if you wish to do so, you can apply to join the team as explained on its home page description.
Hello all,

After much frustration with this issue, I am very pleased to say I managed to fix it on my own. In truth, it was a real malabarismo (Portuguese for jugglery, art of juggling, manipulation), or as we would say in Brazil, I made a "gambiarra" (somethink like a kludge).

After figuring out the problem with the help of the thread, I went after solutions:

1) I downloaded the subtlitles in case I had to delete the video to start from scratch (which I found out wasn't possible)
2) I provided a "fake" Spanish transcription by uploading the Portuguese version
3) I synchronised the Portuguese version as if it was Spanish
4) Based on this synchronisation, I synchronised the other languages and they now appear correctly in the post.

Phew! It works as if there was never a problem before!

Now I only need to fix the Spanish video and I hope any Spanish speaker in the Global Voices Team  will  dedicate 10 minutes to edit my Portuguese subtitle!


Hi Paula

I was going to reply to you on the same line as I replied to Katrina Talberga above, because the Global Voices Amara team's admins  also have set the permissions settings on workflowed with tasks, like the TED Team's admins.

Then  I checked and saw that you are not only  a  member, but an admin of the Global Voices team. Oops. In this case, if the issue comes up with other videos and is beyond your control as admin, try to contact someone at Amara's directly - possibly Dean Jansen, whose e-mail is listed in the page.


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