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Editing a Draft

Hi, I am having some trouble finding a way to edit a draft of a subtitle.
Last night I started the Portuguese, Brazilian subtitles for a TED Talks video and today I tried to resume my work, but the system does not allow me to do so. I imagine this is a default reaction to maintain the site organized, but I am the original author; I should be able to edit it, right?
How do I go about editing and finishing a draft that I started? 

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That's indeed odd, Yuri: I'm member of another team where there were problems going back to edit captions when it had workflows and tasks (what you call "maintain the site organized", I suppose?): see "Save and exit" blocks access to subtitles in progress? on the old help forum.
But the expression of the block was different: the link to the subtitle set was still there with the "(in progress)" mention, but when you opened the page, the "edit subtitles" link was grayed and unclickable.
Whereas the page you link to, , the main page for the video, just says "You cannot see this video". Besides, the video does not seem to be listed in anymore.
Then there is another page for that conference, but based on the YouTube version: . There, there is an English (in progress) link to - where again, the "Edit Subtitles" link is greyed and unclickable.

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