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Adding video

I am trying to add a video subtitled by me in the public workspace.

How long does it take to show up under "Your videos" section.

Can someone tell me please?

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Thank you for your interesting question, Neeta.

Normally, videos you add immediately appear in the "Your videos" section.

However, if someone already added the video to Amara when you think you are doing so, then the video appears in this other person's "Your videos" section, not in yours. You can check if this is the case by going to the concerned Amara video page and clicking on the URLs tab to see who first created it.

And if you have more than one Amara usernames, and if you are checking "Your videos" with a different username than the one you used to create the video page, then the video page won't appear in that different user name's "Your videos".

But if neither of these possibilities apply, please create a ticket with the relevant info. The ticket will go to Amara's tech staff, and they will be able to solve the issue



Oh, I see you already made a ticket: that's great




The video I have subtitled and trying to add is a TEDtalk. Could that be a reason why I cannot add?


Dear Neeta,

This could indeed be the explanation. I see you are already member of the Amara TED team: maybe you could contact your language coordinator (who should be listed in and ask her/him?

If you don't get a reply from your LC,  you will get one by Amara's tech staff to your ticket: it's just that tech staff are very busy, hence the suggestion to write to your LC in the meantime.



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