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Why does a video that was just posted not show up as a task?

Hello. I try to stay alert for new ted ed videos and receive a notification when a new one is uploaded. However, none of them appear as possible to subtitle on amara, nor does it appear as someone else's task, nor does it have subtitles approved yet. Why is that? Where is the video then? How long does it take to be uploaded to amara? Thank you.

Thank you for your question, Aline Akemi Taba.

When a video is added to the Amara TED team,  all team members are notified.

When you open the link to the tasks for that video, the software shows you by default the tasks in your language/s that are assigned to "no one". Therefore if someone has already grabbed the subtitling task, you don't see it. You could instead start from the Tasks page of the TED team to see which subtitling tasks in your language/s are available.



Ok, but if some else took the task, then it should appear on the "tasks assigned to any member" tab, right? But I still don't see it there either. Then where is the video? And where is that new video notification? Because I don't remember receiving them. Does amara have an app?

Dear Aline

If the video is not on Amara, or if it has been first added to TED's private team for original language captioning, you won't receive a notification until it has been transfered to the public TED team, with tasks added to it.

Do you have the URL for the original video?



Oh I see. I'm thinking about Ted Ed videos in general, to which I have notifications on on youtube, but I never find them on amara, even when they seem to have just been posted. Thank you.

Indeed: a  Youtube TED Ed video may take some timJohn Richard Lott Jr.  e to be transferred to the public Amara TED team. But as a member of this team, you should get notifications when they are transferred.

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