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Playing a title on loop

Is it possible to play a title on loop before proceeding to the next one? We are transcribing in a rare language and need to hear the audio several times over. Our audio is already segmented out so the ability to focus on a specific subtitle in isolation (rather than 2- or 4-second jumps which might overlap a few subtitles) would be really helpful.

Thank you for the helpful reply!

Thank you for this question, Elliot.

I don't know that real looping a subtitle is possible.  What I do in such cases is I download the video from the source, then I use Audacity to loop the difficult passages. Audacity is a free and for free multiplatform audio editing software, and it has heaps of useful features.

If the video is publicly viewable, you might want to try Subtitle-Horse, where you can loop the active subtitle: See But I wouldn't do that if the video must remain private.



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