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Publishing Subtitles

I  translated this TEDx Talk into Arabic and it got approved to be published, and after i got the email, i checked to see the subtitles on YouTube but it turned out to not be published, what do i do?

Thank you for your query, Moataz Mashal. Tshe last revision of your subtitles by 

Riyad Altayeb, where he approved your subtitles,  seems empty.  This is odd,  as well as the fact I no longer see the TED team mention (but I'm traveling, so using a cellphone) . Could you contact Riyad, please? Maybe he has an explanation.  Or you could create a ticket here: it will go to Amara tech staff and they'll be able to help you .. 



Thanks, Claude. I've contacted Riyad and I'm waiting for his response.
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