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I've finished my translation of a TED video but the review process hasn't started yet.

I've finished my Korean translation of a TED video last week. And the video disappeared from my dash board. I know that the next step is a review process, but the process hasn't started yet. I've been waiting for it for a week. So I'm wondering when the review process will begin and for how long I should wait. Can anybody help?

Video Title: How technology helped me to change some lives | Prashant Gade | TEDxNMIMSShirpur

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Thank you for your question, Junehyuk Goh

Your last revision is dated 06/18/2020. So it is not abnormal that the reviewing task has not been picked yet: reviewers are volunteers too, so they can't always pick up reviewing tasks very fast.

However you could try asking for a revision in the TED Facebook: group or contacting a Korean Language Coordinator (via



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