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Volunteering for post-translation editing

Before applying to any specific subject group, I wanted to esquire if there was any other form of  volunteer grouping based on skill-sets or interests? Any suggestions would be appreciated. 
I am not a translator, but I have experience in post-translation editing of text from technical writers whose first language is not English as well as machine translated material.  
I have worked a bit with fan-subbing (Chinese TV drama mostly) and would like to put my skills to a more formal use.
My special interest is technical editing and I have worked on materials from a variety of  scientific and technological fields.

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Thank you for your query, Salty3dog. 

You might try exploring Amara teams, to find one/some corresponding to your interests, and possibility with a task workflow. For instance the TED team has a neatly working task workflow, and many scientific videos. Then there is the Scientific American team, perhaps even closer to your interests, but they don't use tasks.

Happy browsing, subtitling and editing!



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