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Accessing somebody's subtitles which are waiting for moderation

So there is a video from Youtube that I wanted to make subtitles to, a TED talk, but unfortunately it seems that there is no way to do it. Somebody translated the video long time ago, it was returned after a review for minor changes, but it seems that the translator never responded. I can see that there are nearly 40 revisions of subtitles, but none are accessible. Now I nor anybody else can translate the video, and basically it's blocked. Is there an option to access somebody's revisions? I can't even see the 'imperfect' version, which would be fine for my home use.

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Thank you for your question, Błażej Porwoł.

If you are not a member of the TED team, you should join it first.

Once you are a member of the TED team, go to the relevant Amara video page, then click on the link to the video's tasks.

If the available approval task for the relevant language has not been picked yet, you could ask the managers for that language if they could approve the subtitles.

If someone has picked this approval task, please wait until they have finished.



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