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I can't access to my translate work again

Hi, I have been translating on a video for few days, almost 90% done. Today when I tried to log in and continue to translate, I can't access to my work anymore. I clicked on the video it showed latest draft transcribed by "my name", however the video has been assigned to another person. What is that means?

Thanks for replying. I am a newbie to Amara.

Thank you for reporting this, Xiao Leng,

For a more solid reply, please indicate the URL of the page you were translating on, and also, if it was a video added to a public team (like TED, Global Voices, Volunteers), which team.

If it was a private team (for instance of the Amara On Demand program) please contact the person in charge of that private team.



Hi, there. I have a similar problem: even if I started it a long time ago, I don't think the translation has been assigned to someone else, as I was able to access it less than a month ago. However, I can't go back in to finish editing it my final draft. This is the link:

Thank you.

Thank you for your query, Andrea Paccagnella.

Actually, your last revision of these subtitles is dated July 20, 2020. Therefore the task has been reopened in the meantime and has now been reassigned to Martina Abrami: see Italian task for this video assigned to anyone.



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