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Download a video with subtitles

Hi everyone!

I made the subtitles in catalan lenguage for the video posted in TED Talks platform. 

I do need to have the video with the published subtitles in catalan for educational purposes, but I don't know why the platform doesn't allow me to do that. 

When I try to download the video with catalan subtitles from TED Talks, appears another window that says "Not Found", whereas when I try to download it with the subtitles in any other language, the platform does allow me to do it.

Does anyone know how I can fix it? I don't want to add the subtitles to the video, but download the video with the subtitles itself.

If anyone could help me I would be very very grateful,

Thank you in advance,


Thank you for your question, Anna. 

I was able to download the video with Catalan subtitles, though. Unfortunately, I cannot attach the file here because it is too big.  So I uploaded it to Google drive: Can you please tell me when you've downloaded it, because I'm a bit short of space on Google drive.



Good evening, Claude,

Thank you very much for replying me, you've been very helpful. In fact, the Amara support group replied me on Wednesday and told me that the video engineers had re-encoded the video and that it was available in order to download the video with Catalan subtitles. 

I'm sorry I haven't answer you before, I was on holidays since today. I already use your link to download the video, so you can delete it. 

Thank you very much again, you all made me a big favour.

I hope everything goes well,

Best regards,


My pleasure, Anna: I used to teach too.

can someone please help.I need Diriliş ertugrul season1 episode4 with turkish subtitles

Thank you for your query, Asma elitemiz. 

The episode you mention does not seem to have a corresponding Amara page. However I found it with English subtitles in and



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