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Afrikaans subtitles

Hi, Dan Meyer asked me to translate one of his videos to Afrikaans. /doing-the-impossible-cutting-through- fear-dan-meyer-tedxmaastricht/

But I can't seem to add Afrikaans subtitles. Is there anyone who can assign this task to the video? I have spoken to Dan as well, he is also unsure of how to do this.

Thank you


Kind regards


Thank you for your query, Johmine. 

Indeed, I can't find the Afrikaans task either (whether assigned or not). Maybe you could message and ask the Afrikaans language coordinator, Ingrid Lezar, through her TED profile

If she does not answer (language coordinators are very busy volunteers), please create a support ticket about the issue. The support ticket will go to Amara tech staff, who should be able to address it.



Thank you for your help Claude

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