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Subtitle needs review

Hi team,

I've created a subtitle for the video:

and now the status changed to "needs review".

So I'm wondering how is going to work next? Do I need to contact someone in my team to review it? Or someone qualified will get assigned to review this? Or it just going to wait until someone volunteer to pick up the review assignment?

Thanks in advance.


Thank you for your question, Shawn. 

No, you don't have to do anything. The reviewing task for your subtitles is presently "unassigned". As reviewers are volunteers too,  it can take some time until your subtitles get reviewed.



Hi Claude,

Thanks for quick reply.

And I think it might be helpful if the status (like "unassigned" or "assigned to whom" ) can be seen by everyone. :) 

Nevertheless, thanks again for your support.



Hi Shawn,

The status "unassigned" r "assigned to whom" is actually visible to all members of the TED team: I clicked on "View tasks for this video." left of the page. That should give you the tasks for your language, Chinese Simplified. As it is not one of my languages, I used the filter to view the tasks for it.

The task filter is perhaps not immediately intuitive, but it's not very complicated either.



Hi Claude,

Well received. Thanks

I'll close the question.



I'm having the same problem. I've created a subtitle 6 months ago and no one has reviewed it yet. Is there a way to contact reviewers in my language to speed this up? 

It is this video

Thank you!

Thank you for your question, Alda. 

You could ask for a review in the Ted Translators' Facebook group.Hopefully someone will be interested.



I translated a TED talk by Suleika Jaouad seven months ago. But it has not been taken up for a review. Should I search for a reviewer as suggested for the above question? This process rather dampens my urge to take up more translations. Any alternatives?


Yes, I would suggest doing that. I searched for a reviewer in the Facebook group and mine was reviewed in one day or two.

Hope this helps!

 Thanks for the swift reply but it seems there is no Translators Group for Telugu language in FB!

I think this review process in its existing mode is not conducive for encouraging volunteer translations. I request the powers that be to redefine the process like giving permission to the first translator to straight away publish. Later others can join to better the copy. More or less akin to Wikipedia. This way, I believe the translation (how perfect it might be ) will not sit in the shelf. Just an opinion. Thanks

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Thank you for your remarks, LakshmiNarayana Ayyagari.

Actually, review by someone else is only required in some teams: TED, for instance, where it works rather well because there are many potential reviewers. Yet reviewers being volunteers too, like translators, the process can take time.

But if you'd rather translate solo, there are other teams that don' require the review-approval workflow - and many videos that are altogether outside teams.



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