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Review videos and introduce rules for the channel ARTE

Hello there and a happy new year. I would like to ask you with this message-suggestion of mine if it's possible for the members who contribute with their translations in channel ARTE to assume the role of the reviewer/proofreader, just like the one with the TED channel. In a nutshell, to introduce some basic rules about line breaking etc. Lately, I'm watching some videos on and I see some bad line breakings in English subtitles. That's why.

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This is an excellent idea, Thanassis. Moreover,  Arte just adds their existing English subtitles to the videos of the Arte Amara team, and sets English as the original language of these videos, without letting volunteers improve the existent subtitles or create real original subtitles when the video is in German or French. And so, the provided English subtitles always skip passages that are in English in a, say, French video.

Would you try to message Jean-Augustin, apparently the active team admin, and suggest a discussion about these issues in replies to your post?

Best wishes for 2019


I did what you've said, but I didn't get an answer yet.

Sorry about that, Thanassis. But like you, I am only a member of the Arte team. I'll try writing to Jean-Augustin too, pointing him to your forum topic here.



Update: I've now written to him.

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