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The form of the subtitles

Hi. I have just now noticed some unfortunate changes in the form of the subtitles. I have also compared screen images taken a year ago and some taken now, and I see three changes. One change is a smaller leading between the lines of the subtitles. Another change is a smaller distance between the lower edge of the subtitles and the bottom of the screen. A third change is a slightly larger lettersize. The second and the third change looks better to me, but the first change of leading is unfortunate in my opinion. The leading has been reduced from one and a half x-height between the x-heights of the two lines, to one x-height, and this is perceptible.

I am aware that my sense of what is good and right is based on what I am accustomed to, which is the Scandinavian customs, and I understand that this may not appeal to people outside this corner of the world. Still I think the question of the leading also has to do with typographic conventions used in printed media, and I don't think they are completely fluid. I am not very familiar with these conventions, though, but according to my gut sense the leading used now is clearly too small. I propose that the leading is expanded to the size it had a year ago.

Best wishes,


Thank you for your observations, Soeren. I'm sorry I don't quite understand what "leading" means. Could you explain, please?

However, even from my only partial comprehension, may I suggest you create a ticket (via In fact, the issues you describe seem to concern the player's settings, which is something Amara tech staff - who shall get the ticket - can discuss with you.

Thanks again,

Best wishes


Thanks for your answer, Claude. As to "leading" it was a wrong word. It is an old word from the days of handtypesetting. What I was thinking of is called "line spacing" nowadays. But I will create a ticket.



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