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improvements to the task filter

I have three suggestions for the task filter in the (TED) group page.
But I suspect that the filter is implemented in the amara toolkit, so the guys from TED can't do much about it. Correct ?

Anyway, here are the suggestions:
1. give me separate filters for video language and subtitle language
2. give me an option to filter away tasks that I am not allowed to do
3. save my filter settings in a cookie(or db) for the next session

I would expect that this has already been requested multiple times because the current situation is really annoying. I only found a request for #1, some 2 years ago.

Which leads to the question: how do the ideas we post here make their way into the (more important) ticket system at gitHub ?

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Thank you for these interesting improvement suggestions, Andreas.



Maybe you can look some resources form TV

Thanks for trying, mnnn, but TV is highly unlikely to provide relevant resources in this case.



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