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numeric cursor position

When splitting lines in subtitles it would be useful to know the number of chars to the left and right of the cursor. Thus, if you can do some simple math, you could predict whether the intended split will work or result in a new 43+ line.

This can sometimes save you several try&undo cycles.

A possible representation is left#-cursorPos-right#, ie.

Line1        45        38+7

Line2        33

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Thank you for this interesting suggestion, Amdreas. I don't know if it can be implemented, though.

For practical purposes: if one line is 45 character long, you can safely shove the last word (or determinant+last noun or subject +verb) to the next line.


Claude Almansi

Text Selected Area Cursor: The blinking cursor on the page is actually a special selection with a width of 0. A simple understanding is that the left and right borders of the selection intersect to form a cursor.

Thank you for this rewording of the cursor definition, mnnnn.


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