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Localization of Amara Website updates

We wanted to share the latest on the Amara Localization Project. 

If you have any questions or ideas share here, we always love to hear!

Help Translate Amara into your Language


Volunteers needed to help translate Amara!


Amara’s localization project is open to anyone interested in making the Amara site more easily accessible in many languages.


Here’s a few that need your help now;)


It's easy to get started!

  • Simply go to Transifex to create a user account and you can begin contributing in the language of your choice 

  • Search for Amara and click on "Amara" to go to the page for the Amara Localization Project.

  • Changes made will take effect after the next software deploy. (Typically every 1-2 weeks, but sometimes it may take a bit longer.) 

Here's a quick guide to getting started on Transifex

  • To participate in this translation, you'll need to log in to Transifex, or first create a Transifex account if you don't have one yet.
    • Once you're logged in, click on the language you want to translate among those listed in the Amara Localization Project
    • This will take you to the team page for that language

    • There you'll find a button for applying to join the team

    • Once you are member of the language team, you can start translating 

  • The translation page is very simple
    • The English content is divided in short passages ("strings") on the left and right

    • You have corresponding boxes for writing your translation

    • At the bottom, there is a link to Transifex support, which has a section for translators.


Thank you for your help in supporting our mission 

of Working to Build a More Open, Collaborative World


Thank you for this very good introductory presentation, Rieann.

Just a little detail: your screenshot of Amara’s Localization Project  shows the languages where translations are already most advanced. So  volunteers who can translate into the 78 other project languages are  most welcome to join!

We could learn more information about Localization of Amara Website updates

Thank you for your remark, mnnnn. However, as Rieann explained, the Amara Localization Project on Transifex gives these updates in real time (well, almost real time).

very cool,

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