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How to add a TEDx Talk to Amara

Thanks to Anastasia Bashuk who raised this issue in Subtitles does not show at YouTube.

TEDx Talks that are posted on YouTube by the "TEDx Talks" user should be first added to Amara's TED team, and only then can be subtitled by the team members. They should not be added to the general Amara videos using the form in

So if you ind a TEDx Talk  on YouTube, please follow the indications in the How to add a TEDxTalk to Amara video tutorial. I.e., in text:

  • Join the TED team if you are not yet a member, and sign in with your member ID
  • Check if the video has already been added to the team by searching in its Videos page.

If the video has been added to the TED team
- as for instance  Government of the people, by the people, for the people | Thabitha Khumalo | TEDxPlaceDesNations -
  • open it
  • click on the "View tasks for this video." link on the left: this will show you the tasks available in your languages,

If the video has not yet been added to the TED team, use the form in to request its addition: you will receive an email notification when it is ready for subtitling.

Finally, if you chance upon an existing Amara video page for a TEDx talk that has not been added to the TED team, please do not make subtitles there. Instead, find the original video via its URLS tab.

  • If the video was added to YouTube by the "TEDx Talks" user, use the form in to request its addition to the TED team
  • If the video was added to YouTube by another user, search YouTube for a version added by the "TEDx Talks" user, then use the form in to request its addition to the TED team.

Claude Almansi

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