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i want to do my first subtitle but for some reason the link " add a new language" doesn't appear under the " contribute" side bar and i don't know why


Thank you for this question, Mariam. You cannot add a new language from the Amara video page because it has been added to the TED team, where only members can do translations via tasks set by the admins. You could join the team, and then check if the task for translating in your language is still available. Best, Claude Almansi

 I couldn't agree more with Mr. W. I loathe subtitles. The longer and more tortured they are the more I despise them. They seemed to take root on NPR in the late '90s. I associate them with smug yuppies.

Thank you for your observation, JohnGaudureau,.

Who is Mr W.?

Closed Captions subtitles, as the ones you can make with Amara for online videos, and most of the ones you see on TV,  aim to allow people who need them (due to hearing loss or scanty understanding of the oral language) or want them (to search more quickly through a video) can switch them on. People who don't want them can leave them off.

So you see, they are not a smug yuppie idea, they aim at giving the best understanding to everybody. 

This being said, before Closed Captions, when the subtitles could NOT be switched off because they burnt in the video, they were indeed sometimes annoying. Especially in my country, Switzerland, where you got TWO sets of subtitles on movies, in French and in German: you sort of had to train your exes to abstract them away...



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