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Removing Notes in Subtitle (edit: not feasible)


I have been translation a video to Arabic and writing random notes for things I need to remember, yet I realize afterward that It can't be removed. And I have to remove them 

Here is The URL for the video and the Arabic translation :
My username is : Dew8.nada

If the notes cannot be deleted I would like to remove the entire translation so the notes can be ereased (I have uploaded my subtitle so all I need is to re-upload)

Thanks a lot

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Thank you for your request, Nada - to my knowledge, notes cannot be removed, because in teams that have tasks, like TED's, they are part of the workflow. So I deleted your subtitles, as you suggested. Let me know if you have problems reuploading your subtitles.

Just one thing: you had an empty subtitle at the end. If you also have it in your subtitle file, you'll have to delete it (either before reuploading, or after, using the editor) before the translation can be marked completed.



Claude Almansi

I tried to re-upload the subtitle yet the same notes appeared and weren't removed, I even tried to upload the subtitle from a different account but they were there too. I was thinking if you could remove the video with the two subtitles entirely I can add them again without the notes ? 

I appreciate your help , Thanks a lot

Hi Nada

I'm sorry removing the subtitles the way I can (adding the video to a team where I can remove them as admin) did not delete the notes. So I have created a ticket from your post (Ticket #89791). It will go to Amara's tech staff, who will address it. You should have got an email notification of the ticket too.





Thank you for you help

Unfortunately, removing notes does not seem feasible, from the reply I got from tech staff. Using Google Translate to understand yours before I deleted your subtitles, they seemed very professional, so they wouldn't hurt your reputation.

But I'll see if I can pin your topic at the top of the "Help me, please!" subforum: some people might be tempted to use Notes to vent, as some do in the comments of a Word or Writer document, which they can delete.




Has this issue been resolved where WE can delete the notes we put in the process of captioning a video?  This seems VERY IMPORTANT during the captioning process.  Please let me know so I can share this with our team. 



Thank you for raising this issue again, Matthew Michaels. 

See Edit & Delete options for Editor Notes: unfortunately, this does not seem to be possible yet.

Suggestion: instead of the notes, write remarks within the concerned subtitle: that you can always delete once the issue is solved.



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