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i am translating one of Khan Academy's video through amara. I added a URL of an orignal Video from youtube and has translated subtitles but wen i publish the video the notification comes tbat video had been saved but in my videos page there comes a msg that i have not shared any videos yet. Here is the link of video plz publish it so my video could also be synced on Khan Academy site and YouTube

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Thank you for your question, My Files.

Presently, the earliest Activity page for the video you mention says: "Ru Lin added “Introduction to addition” to Amara 1 year, 8 months ago".

And indeed, Introduction to addition” appears in Ru Lin's Videos page too.

So you're apparently not Ru Lin, as you write it does not appear in your Videos page. What seems to have happened is: when you put the URL of the YouTube video in the Subtitle video form, you did not create, because it already existed, but you were taken to it.

And as it is already part of the Khan Academy team, once the subtitles you translated are marked complete, they should be transferred to the original YouTube video, like  the other translated subtitles. Check: they might already be there. I can't, because you didn't say which language you translated them into.

Happy subtitling,

Claude Almansi


Maybe, similar problem. I finished subtitling a video and pressed a publish button.

But it won't show on videos like another my subtitling ones.

Thank you for your post, Kennie. Please indicate the URL for the video where the issue occurs, so I can check.


Claude Almansi

I have the same problem. The URL for the video is:

I completed the English subtitle but the Youtube page does not show the subtitles. 

Thank you for your query, Haeyoung Kim.

Subtitles made on Amara only transfer to YouTube if the person who uploaded the video to YouTube has synchronized their YouTube channel with their Amara account: when this happens, the URL subpage does mentions it.

This is not the case with the video you subtitled. You could try to let the uploader know a wbout your subtitles on Amara, telling them they can download them and add them to the YouTube video. However, the uploader being CNN, they might not pay attention. However, you can also add the Amara URL in a comment to the YouTube video,  something like
"I have created subtitles for this video in, so that Deaf and Hard of hearing people can understand it."




I have a similar problem with the video i subtitled.

Here is my link:

Thanks for now,


Thank you for your query, neslihan atas.

Your example is a bit different than the previous one, because the video you subtitled is a TEDx one that should be added to the Amara TED team, but hasn't been yet.

As explained in the How to add a TEDxTalk to Amara video tutorial, you should first ask for the video to be added to the TED team using the form.

Now you have already made Turkish subtitles, and it would be a pity to waste them. So please download them before submitting the form.

When the TED admins receive your form, they will first transfer the Amara video page to their private original captioning team who will make the English captions. When the English captions are done, they will transfer the Amara video page to the public TED team of which you already are a member, and send you a notification. You will then be able to take the task for creating Turkish subtitles, and upload those you have already done, should they have been deleted in the previous process.

Once a set of subtitles is done, reviewed and approved within the TED team,it gets automatically transferred to the original video.

In future, please avoid adding TEDx videos to Amara yourself, but rather request its addition to the TED team via the form. 



I have translated Malt Walker's 6 tips for better sleep into Burmese subtitles. When I complete subtitling,l just click the complete button. But it has been three days. I didn't get any review. Is something wrong?

Thank you for your query, Htet Shoon Lae Win.

The Amara page for the video added to the TED team is,  and Burmese is one of the subtitling languages listed on the left. However the  Burmese subtitling page has no subtitles so far. 

Did you perhaps do your translation on a different Amara page?

And also: reviewing takes time, because reviewers are volunteers, just like translators. So they have other jobs too.



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