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"add new language" button missing

Hi, I am  about to add Slovak subtitles to video on PRTSCN below, however, I am missing "Add a new language" button. Can anyone help? Thanks. 

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Thank you for your query, Jana. The reason you don't see the "Add New Language" button is tht this is a TED team video, where adding new languages goes via tasks. So you must first sign into your TED Amara account, and then you'll see a "View tasks for this video" link in  this should show you the Slovak translation task, from which you can start translating.

Happy translation

Claude Almansi


 I have the same problem, even though I have already logged in as a TED team member. What can I do? 

This is the video I want to translate into english

Thank you for your question. Leitoenuk.

As I explained to Jana above, the path for translating subtitles of TED videos is different than on general Amara. Once you have logged in with your TED Amara profile, you must
  1. Go to the Amara page of the video: for the video you mention, it is
  2. There, click on the "View tasks for this video" link.
  3. On the tasks page, choose the one corresponding to the language you want to translate in

However, in the case of, the original Spanish subtitles still need to be approved before any translation can be done, so you will not yet find a translation task for your language.

Meanwhile, you could search the Amara TED team for a video you like and where the translation task for your language is available. Please also explore the help suggestions top left of the Amara TED team pages.

Happy subtitling

Claude Almansi


I am having a similar problem. I login, go to the "view tasks for this video" link, but then there's nothing about adding another language. Is this maybe because the original subtitles haven't been reviewed yet? Will it appear after they are confirmed?

This is my video:

Thank you for this further example, Kath Alex.

In this case, someone needs to review your Greek subtitles, then someone else needs to approve them. Once these two steps are completed, the Amara software will automatically generate tasks for all the other languages and you shall be able to pick one of these tasks.

In other words: TED volunteers cannot directly add languages themselves, they must pick a task for the language they want to subtitle in.



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