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Edit & Delete options for Editor Notes

Please add Edit & Delete options, for Editor Notes so that one can correct his/hers words in case of mistake or wrong note. Now translator has to type another note in order to explain the mistake in the previous. 



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This is basic, can't believe that has no single option to control the notes.

Please Amara team, just a simples update to fit a editable tools ;)

Thank you

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I cannot believe there is no possibility to edit or delete notes!


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Is it possible to share the notes with another editor/translator? I didn't find any option for it?

Has the HELPFUL ability to delete processing notes been addressed?

Thank you for raising this issue again, Matthew Michaels

Not that I can see in the last revision (5 Aug, 2020 at 4:27 PM)  of the Getting to Know the Amara Editor tutorial. 


Claude Almansi

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