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My subtitles are gone

Today I went to Amara home page to do my task for TED. But momentarily Amara was not available because of some maintenance. And after that, maybe half an hour later I went to the page again, which was then available. But when I started to edit the subtitles, I found it was too short, actually the version I found there was the draft I submitted June 26. Which means, my work since June 26 to yesterday, June 28, is completely lost. I don't know why. I want to know why and whether I can recover them. Until I know that I can't start editing again. Does somebody suffer same experience ? Does somebody know how to fix? Please tell me.

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Exactly the same thing happened to me.
The page  says it has 1 english subtitles, but the popup under the video says there is none.
There were 300-400 lines of painstaking work, please don't tell I have lost them.


Hi, Mami

I noticed the same subtitle disappearance on heaps of videos, and have started tagging the videos I had bookmarked with Diigo amaradeletedsubs .

Your contribution is precious because I was under the false impression that this only happened when the video is not added to a team, but your example is of a TED team video.

I think you're right in connecting the disappearance to the later revisions of your subs to the message about maintenance. So seems to be the complete deletion of the subs in the videos I tagged amaradeledsubs.

In fact, now, when you are in the syncing phase of the widget, you get a link suggesting you save your subs and try the new editor. And in the Amara: please address severe longstanding issues  thread of the Amara – Deaf & Hard of Hearing Discussion List, Dean Jansen (of Amara staff) explained that this new editor implies a new data model.

So it seems that either Amara developers goofed and used an old version of the database to make the new one, or that the new database has not yet finished loading.

In either case, they should reply to this thread ASAP. And make an announcement on top of all Amara pages referring to it - as they really should have done about the "scheduled maintenance" for introducing the new editor. If a maintenance is scheduled, then in must be announced, for hell's sake! Especially when it involves such important changes.
Hi eugensk00 - sorry: I didn't refresh before replying to Mami. I notice that the video you mention has the same messed up Activity  subpage as the videos I tagged amaradeletedsubs in Diigo:

"eugensk00 1 day, 20 hours ago


4 days, 7 hours ago


5 days, 23 hours ago


6 days ago

eugensk00 started subtitles for Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episo...

6 days, 7 hours ago

eugensk00 added “Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episo...” to Amara

6 days, 7 hours ago"

with the main page of the video - in your case  linked on "subtitles".

I hope the Amara developers sort out this unholy mess soon.


same thing happened to me, two of my translations disappeared completely after maintenance, can anyone help how can I get them back? I worked so hard with them to share them in my country :(

To eugensk00 :

Sorry for your problem.

I wish your work will be recovered soon.


To calmansi justanAmarauser :

Thank you for your prompt reply and sincerely dealing with the problem. Now I wait for a while for further reply from Amara developer team.

Same over here. For some of my videos it just hides the subtitles, which have been added within the recent 3 days. For example here:

It says "3 Subtitles" but shows English only (added a few weeks ago). The German and Spanish subtitles which were added yesterday are gone.

I hope and pray the developers have a fallback path so that the subtitles are recovered :-)

Well, when I started translating today I realized none of my yesterday's work had been saved and then after I'd closed the translation to do some housework and got back I discovered none of my work is there.
I'm not willing to start from scratch. Can you help???


Hi all - there was a glitch in the data migration / upgrade process that  affected recent submissions.  We are working to restore the data from a backup.  Please accept our apologies and we appreciate your patience on this



I have the same problem. I also from TED. Today when I login to have final review for my sub I can’t find work from yesterday, it just say I start my work yesterday and nothing saved. So I have to start over but now I can’t submit my final translation. Help me, I don’t want to do my work again again. 

Hello Everyone, 

Booger Bender here. It has come to my attention that people have been seeing their subtitles disappearing during Amara's big upgrade. It is completely understandably frustrating. I personally apologize for any inconvenience may have caused anyone during our time of upgrade. I would suggest people to download and back up their subtitles during this time until we have reached a solution with the developers as soon as possible. Thank you so much for participating in the help forums letting our team know about problems that occur. We hope to resolve the issues asap. We strive for excellence providing you valuable services. 

Thank you for understanding and bearing with us during this difficult time.

Rule of the thumb - back up subtitles and revisions. 


Dylan Mahoney ( Booger Bender )

Team Pages:

Caption Requested

Music Captioning. 

Can you please check if your subs are back and if not please post a link to the video and languagues missing.


@calmansi justanAmarauser - it appears that all the videos you linked to above are back - thanks for providing links and descriptions.

Everyone else - if you are still missing data - please include the link to the video and the lanuguages that are missing.

For our Spanish subtitles are shown in the list, but you cannot select them in the dropdown.
The German subtitles are counted, but neither in the list, nor in the dropdown.


The subs of most of the video pages I tagged amaradeletedsubs in Diigo yesterday  now seem OK, with 2 exceptions I retagged amarastilldeletedsubs :
- Prologo | Egidia Beretta Arrigoni [Stay Human - Rimaniamo Umani:  my revision preceding the maintenance - more complete than the "revision 1" showing - remains deleted.
- Stay Human - The Reading Movie (2013): Arabic, French and Spanish subs have been restored, but only one of the 2 sets of English subs appears, and the 2 revisions with the complete Italian subs that got uploaded from YouTube when I created the Amara page are missing: only the incomplete "revision1" is showing.

As to the Italian subtitles: in both cases, Ester Garau had restarted them from scratch yesterday after the upgrade made them disappear, and before I managed to send a message to the members of the Captions Requested and Music Captioning teams asking them not to do that, as Amara was working on restoring the disappeared subs / revisions of subs.

So there could be many more subtitle sets where people, like Ester, restarted subtitles that had apparently disappeared, and where now only the last, less complete version remains, without a possibility to roll back to the pre-maintenance, more complete revision.

Surely, somewhere in the Amara back office, there must be a log of all edits done in Amara? From it, developers should be able to identify these subtitle sets that were re-edited when they seemed to have disappeared because of the developers' unannounced "scheduled maintenance". THEY know the exact date of the obsolete version of the database they used for the upgrade yesterday, we users don't.


Meanwhile, could you please restore

1. the missing set of English subtitles for Stay Human - The Reading Movie (2013);
2. the former, more complete revisions of Italian subtitles for Stay Human - The Reading Movie (2013)  and  Prologo | Egidia Beretta Arrigoni [Stay Human - Rimaniamo Umani?


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