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Let's try the new subtitle editor and report about it

[Update July 2, 2013: the original title of this discussion, as posted mid-June 2013, was: "Let's beta-test the imminent new subtitle editor before it is released". In fact, on June 6  Dean Jansen had announced it's release for "in the next week or so", then on June 14  he wrote that the new editor was "still very much in beta, [...] still under heavy development", mentioning "necessary confirmation tests and modifications to ensure a smooth transition".

Anyway, here it is now, so far as an optional alternative to the traditional editor. So let's try it and report about it, in spite of the total lack of documentation about it in the Solutions  section of this Amara Help, in spite of the unpalatable side-effects  of the abrupt, unannounced "scheduled maintenance" of its release two days ago.

Actually, let's try the new editor and report about it because of all this, lest the Amara developers just as abruptly decide to make it the only available editor, before its present issues are solved. And there are issues with it, for subtitlers.

A particularly ironic one is the javascript link on "Learn more or leave feedback." that only duplicates the editing page (with an # at the end of its URL). So, not only no documentation, but also no official way to leave feedback. Hence this update of my mid-June post with its proposal of a DIY feedback via a Google Drive form feeding a spreadsheet, which I'm leaving unedited, though I reworded the GD Form in view of the fact that the new editor is now released.]

 Hi, fellow Amara users,

In a June 6, 2013 message  to the "Amara – Deaf & Hard of Hearing Discussion List", Dean Jansen wrote:

"We're still working on the new editor/data model (and have come quite a ways on the timeline mode), which you can check out here (make an account, edit or create subtitles and then click the link in the legacy editor sidebar to launch beta subtitle editor *note: you must have saved the subtitles and have everything synced to switch in this demo*). We anticipate releasing this in the next week or so."

And I replied suggesting Amara staff first organize  a beta-test. So far,  no reply.  But as the new editor has not yet been released, let's avail ourselves of the link and indications given by Dean Jansen to beta-test it ourselves. 

I suggest that questions about how the editor works be added in comments to this thread.

But for reporting possible bugs and issues I made a Google Drive form , whose replies go into a spreadsheet  that can be viewed, downloaded and commented on by anyone who has the link (no sign in required). This way Amara developers too should be able to download it e.g. as .csv file and reuse the data in whatever beta-testing program they are using on their own.

It is important that we actual subtitlers beta-test innovations to the Amara software, because developers, not being subtitlers themselves, cannot properly assess the impact of some changes they make: see the Team moderation: let's learn together from the Friday 13 team thread.


I appreciate the free platform and those who work on it for nothing

But I have also noticed that calmansi justanAmarauser's remarks on a number of issues are COMPLETELY valid

He addresses problem areas that I have personally come up against in Amara as a new user and he gives good advice and reflections.

Therefore, for me, he more than deserves that his ideas are taken into account. The AMARA platform has everything to gain by doing so




Thank you, SafeTex - for your kind words and for your help in keeping this support forum alive.

The point I'd really like to bring home to Amara staff is that they too need subtitlers' feedback, and so do their paying customers. Because when Amara geeks come up  with a clever-clever innovation that actually hinders or actually blocks subtitling, as these innovations have repeatedly done, then the "crowdsourced subtitling" their customers pay for suffers too.

Back to the beta-testing:  in Dean Jansen's June 14  reply in the mentioned discussion of the "Amara – Deaf & Hard of Hearing Discussion List", he approved of the beta-testing idea, and also wrote: " The new editor is still very much in beta, so what you see is still under heavy development."

So we have more time. Whether the Amara geeks will actually pay attention to what goes in the spreadsheet is another story. But at least, it'll be on record.

PS: I forgot to mention: I'm a woman actually - not that this is relevant to the topic, but some people prefer to know.
As the new editor has now been released, I've reworded the title of this post and the texts of the Google Drive form for reporting issues with it.


I'm bookmarking other general Amara help forum topics about the new editor under .
Then the Amara TED team members are regularly using the new editor and reporting about it in the TED help forum, so it's worth browsing that if you meet with an issue or glitch.


Hello Amara developers,

I use Amara very often for my youtube channel and I also work with Amara in the team 043...

Although I more liked the legacy editor, I would like to try the new editor. I say I would because, somehow it doesn't work in my computer! I can open it, make the subtitle. But then when I try to save, the screen freezes... and then no move later on. I tried in many different videos, but still the same problem. I can only download the text in dfxp format (which I can not open also)... Do you have a suggestion? I use google chrome, but probably it is not about it, because I tried in different browsers also...

Take care


Hi Ahmet

I replied to you in the comments of  New editor: translating existing subtitles, where you asked the same question. If you have further queries, could you post them there, please? This topic here is now obsolete.




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